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Visualise your Data Structures in Augmented Reality

ARgorithm is an open source technology designed for creating visualisations of data structures and algorithms in augmented reality.

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Improving the Standards of Software Engineering Education

Augmented reality is the future of visual aids and is slowly but surely creeping its way into the education industry, most notably in the medical education sector. ARgorithm hopes to introduce augmented reality to software engineering courses by giving easy tools to create, broadcast and view augmented reality visualisations.

Customisable Features

Your ARgorithm Server deployment can be highly customised using environment variables. Features such as authentication, type of database can be easily configured. The server can work with both SQL and NoSQL databases and has metrics available for prometheus. You can setup redis server for enabling caching features. Email services can also be activated using sendgrid to get automated email from server instance. The server repository contains kubernetes and docker-compose configuration files for different types of deployments.

ARgorithm objects

Why use ARgorithm?

Dynamic Visualisations Designed to Educate

Augmented reality visualisations made using ARgorithm are dynamic in nature. Once you submit your code, the visualisations are generated in real time based on user input. Hence, you can visualise how the same code reacts to different inputs. Additionally, the ARgorithm comment system allows you to explain your algorithms step by step along with the visualisation.

Focus on your Algorithms

ARgorithmToolkit provides an abstract interface to create your visualisations in a manner which is quite similar to the STL in C++ so that you can focus on implementing your algorithm. ARgorithmToolkit comes with a CLI which provides an easy to use interface to setup your environment and interact with the server.

Well Documented

We at ARgorithm make sure that every release is well documented with API level documentation as well as tutorials explaining everything from the working of ARgorithm to how you can use ARgorithm for your own unique use case.

ARgorithm is Open Source and Community Driven

ARgorithm is an open source project designed to aid the software engineering community.
ARgorithm is released under the MIT license. The project is no longer maintained and is currently archived